3 de junho de 2011

Gisele, a primeira modelo bilionária

A notícia é da Vogue inglesa, com base em dados da Forbes magazine.

A notícia (abaixo no original) lista as campanhas de Gisele e as suas linhas de cosmético e lingerie. De acordo com a Forbes, ela tem ainda um hotel no Brasil, terras em Trancoso, uma "villa" na Costa Rica, entre outras propriedades. Gisele é sempre fonte de notícias da Vogue inglesa.

"Gisele The Billionaire"

GISELE may soon become the world's first billionaire model (according to US currency rates), reports Forbes magazine. This would put her in the same league as Bernard Arnault (worth £25 billion), and Zara founder Amancio Ortega (worth £18.9 billion).Over the last ten years the supermodel is thought to have earned more than £152 million for her modelling work and her more recent ventures could soon bring her up to the billion mark. Aside from lucrative campaigns for H&M and Versace, her flip-flop line for Ipanema makes an estimated £152 million, with over 250 million With Brazil's womenswear market rising 25 per cent each year, Gisele's new lingerie line for Hope is also set to be a hit - with a predicted earning of £11.6 million. She also has a stake in the company.Her beauty line, Sejaa Pure Skincare, is also rumoured to be for sale - the Brazilian beauty holds outright ownership. The model also makes money from her C&A fashion label, for which she is creative director.Forbes also takes into account Gisele's expanding property portfolio and her recent foray into real estate. She currently owns a hotel in Brazil, land in Brazilian city Trancoso, a villa in Costa Rica, a house in Brentwood, California, and she is currently building a home in Santa Monica."  VOGUE.COM ______________________________________________________________

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