14 de março de 2015

Warning: this blog is being used commercially by other sites without permission

Action will be taken against the use of artetecta improperly by foreign sites.

Notice: Searching on Google about my website, I found out it has been used - in disconnected parts - commercially, without mentioning the official administrator, i.e., the blog’s name and authorship. I will provide to the competent authorities what can be done against this practice which I find abusive, illegal and dangerous. I have the name of several sites.
There is a specific website for tattoos and body piercing that made use of my screen "Christmas in Paraná" and is "inviting" to download, but click on it leads to a gaming site.
Other photos illustrating materials published here are also used out of context.
Until this abusive issue abusive is not solved, I will not post material in order to be misused.
There is even a website in Iran which copies the artetecta fully and sells advertising space, which I strongly  disagree.

This screen - Christmas in Paraná - was painted by me and is on multiple sites. It is naïf and innocent, but is being used in a body piercing site to take to the unwary  people to a gaming site.

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